What is a smart Instagram feed

The “smart feed,” which appeared back in 2016, has become a real tragedy for active Instagram users. If before it was simple: post a photo of a sunset – get likes and enthusiastic comments from friends, now complex algorithms force users to fight for the attention of the audience.

Yes, coverage is now obtained by generating quality content, and the number of subscribers has rapidly receded into the background. Although you still have to buy instagram followers to boost your account status. In this article, we’ll explain how Facebook’s tribute has affected Instagram, and we’ll reveal secrets to help please the finicky algorithmic feed.

What is a smart feed

To understand this multi-faceted phenomenon, we need to go back a bit to the origins of the introduction of the smart feed, when the posts began to be displayed not by date of publication, but arbitrarily, relying on the unknown algorithms of Instagram. Yes, they began mercilessly “mowing down” low-quality photos of food, cats, and sunsets that didn’t gather the right amount of likes. The upgrade took place in 2016, and the influence on the modification of the social network, of course, was Facebook – the pioneer of the algorithmic feed. Up to that point, the user was greeted by a “That’s all for now” notification, notifying him that the user had finally sorted through the chaos of publications and browsed through the feed to the end.

The social network’s popularity grew and the number of users skyrocketed. Naturally, this had an impact on the content being aired. There was much more of it, but for some reason no one thought about the quality. Then the management of Instagram made a volitional decision: to introduce an algorithmic feed, so that first and foremost the audience saw high-quality content posts. Thus, receiving relevant content, users began to spend more time in the social network. Clever, isn’t it? No one provided official information about the modification of the social network, but all active users immediately realized that now the posts will have to work hard. In January 2019, Instagram confirmed these speculations in a series of tweets.

How a smart feed is formed

A smart feed is when you publish a post, but it’s not visible to all followers. Yes, it’s sad news, but this is how Instagram seeks to combat the assault of low-quality content. True, this does not mean that the social network is hiding any posts from you. If you are subscribed to a large number of accounts, it makes sense that most of the publications you just can’t keep up with. That’s why they are automatically downgraded so that they don’t distract you from the main content. What does the order of posts in the feed depend on? The publications of the accounts with which you:

  1. interact with frequently on Twitter;
  2. interact with frequently by visiting the page;
  3. provide feedback by responding to posts, leaving comments, likes, and reposts.

If you have a million instagram followers but few reactions to your posts, you should rethink your content. Most likely, Instagram just doesn’t show it to your followers, so they might find it uninteresting.