Kegel exercises for men

If you need to restore your potency quickly, you can take medications that you can buy at However, there are ways to help maintain sexual health. Let’s take a closer look at how men should perform the Kegel exercise.

How and by whom it was developed: historical data

This method of exercise was developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel from the United States. Mainly the exercise was aimed at strengthening the pelvic and intimate area muscles in women after childbirth and pregnancy. After all stages of pregnancy and the birth of the baby and young mothers pelvic muscles become flabby. Difficulties with urination appeared and sexual feelings diminished. Using this method of training women were able to return to the previous state of the muscles of the intimate area. The tone was sometimes better than before delivery. Only after the death of the doctor, mankind realized that due to the similarity of the structure of the muscles of the intimate area, this method of training would be very effective for men as well.

All the benefits of regular exercise

What a positive effect the workouts created by Dr. Kegel for the stronger sex have:

  • Stamina in sex increases significantly, a man can control earlier ejaculation.
  • The blood supply to the penis increases significantly, which increases its hardness and readiness.
  • Developed musculature thanks to the “Love Muscle” exercise makes it possible to feel sexual pleasure to a much greater extent.
  • The chances of prostate, prostate adenoma are reduced to zero.
  • The chances of prostatitis are minimized.
  • The chance of stool and urinary incontinence pathologies is reduced.
  1. First step. Tension and relaxation. Try to tense this muscle very hard and don’t relax for 3 seconds. Then stop tensing, relax it for 3 seconds. This process is called a cycle. And these cycles should be carried out up to thirty in one day. Smoothly on days 6-7 you should perform up to fifty cycles a day. This workout should be done daily for fourteen days. There is no need to perform these workouts only at home, as they can be performed anywhere.
  2. Second step. It is necessary to tense this muscle without relaxing the other muscles. You should only tense this muscle. Thanks to this you will achieve the desired result. It is necessary to smoothly increase the load and the number of cycles during the exercise for this muscle. It is like in a fitness training, when you perform the necessary exercises for half an hour, and then rest.
  3. Step three – Tense the muscle for a longer period of time and relax for a shorter period of time. In this step, the tension should last up to 10 seconds. Relaxation is done for a period of 4 seconds. The number of cycles per day is up to thirty and gradually increase to a hundred. It is possible to divide the training into two times: half of the cycles in the morning and half in the evening. For example, half on the way to the office early in the morning, and half heading out of the office. This step is done for one month, then only toning exercises are needed.

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