Cytomix is not a doping agent or steroid

Cytomix is not a doping agent or steroid. This drug is a synthetic thyroid hormone and is used during problems with metabolism or the work of the thyroid gland. Under natural conditions, this hormone is produced by the thyroid gland. It must be remembered that this is not a toy, but a drug, so it should not be used without prior research or appropriate knowledge. Its inappropriate use may lead to dysfunction of an organ such as the thyroid gland. The drug is quite a controversial compound in terms of both medicine and doping. Medicine uses this drug to treat mainly hypothyroidism, obesity, and sometimes also some metabolic diseases resulting, for example, from poor thyroid function.

Cytomix is a synthetic version of the naturally produced thyroid hormone. This hormone strongly influences the rate of metabolic changes in the body, regulating and enhancing cellular activity. It accelerates (or slows down in the case of deficiency) both the oxidation of fat, as well as carbohydrates and proteins. It can be said that Cytomix is a kind of “metabolism pill”. The more free unbound hormone in the bloodstream – the faster the metabolism (and vice versa).More information on the link:

Application of Cytomix

Cytomix is often taken for curing metabolic problems or during cutting cycles and weight loss. This hormone contributes to the acceleration of the overall metabolism and combustion of not only carbohydrates but also proteins and fats. Since this medicine works in this way, you should be aware of the increased amount of protein. This drug will prevent us from burning the muscle mass gained on the mass cycle. It is often used in conjunction with an agent such as Trenbolone Acetate or Trenbolone Enanthate. Trenbolone can cause problems with the thyroid gland and thanks to this drug we can protect ourselves. When taking this measure, we will burn excess body fat and we will be able to easily increase our metabolism.

The use of Cytomix on muscle mass also allows you to indulge in more meals and increases your appetite. Another thing is that we will not gain such an amount of adipose tissue because we have increased protein absorption.

Bodybuilders appreciate this remedy because it is a huge weapon in the fight against unwanted adipose tissue. It is especially liked by professionals who are able to use it to achieve incredibly low-fat levels at competitions, gaining incredibly expressive muscles. In combination with, for example, clenbuterol or ephedrine/caffeine, it is one of the most powerful tools for burning fat.

Side effects of Cytomix

There may also be numerous side effects when taking this drug. The worst of these are increased sweating and an increased heart rate. All of this is related to the stimulated metabolism of our body. Since it is a drug, remember that after discontinuing it, you need to follow a proper diet. After its withdrawal, the effects of not restoring the work of our thyroid gland may occur. Before using Cytomix, carefully examine TSH, FT4, FT3 hormones. More details on the website:

Other side effects include

  • heart arrhythmias,
  • irregular pulse,
  • excessive sweating,
  • metabolic dysfunction,
  • persistent thyroid gland dysfunction,
  • even thyroid cancer to name some of the most serious.

The list of side effects of this drug is quite extensive, and the agent itself is undoubtedly a powerful hormone, therefore the decision on possible supplementation should only be made by an experienced physician or bodybuilder with specific knowledge of the physiology of the human body and sports.

Dosage of Cytomix

It is recommended to use 25mcg to achieve the maximum level of our metabolic FT3 hormone. By dosing at 50mcg, we can achieve two times our maximum FT3. The diet after such a cycle should be high in carbohydrates to restore the functioning of our thyroid gland.