Advantages of the preparation

Tritren is a popular injectable steroid. Consists of 3 esters: ethanate , acetate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate . Such a mixture allows you to immediately introduce three components into the body without buying them separately, which will be more economical financially. As experienced athletes say, “a triple effect in one bottle.”

The drug was invented and released in 2004.

Buying Tritren is really the right decision. With its help, you can achieve really high results:

  • quickly gain muscle mass;
  • enhance sports endurance, performance;
  • improve energy performance.
  • With this steroid, bodybuilders gain 10 kg in 5 to 6 weeks!

The steroid has a number of other benefits:

  • there is no aromatization;
  • combines well with other anabolic steroids and other drugs;
  • the active substance of Tritren reduces the level of the muscle tissue destroyer – cortisol;
  • increased libido, but in some cases, at the end of the course, sexual desire decreases;
  • convenient form of administration – the anabolic is injected intramuscularly, injections can be administered independently.

Any athlete can buy Tritren – both a beginner and an experienced security officer. It is important to correctly schedule the course and calculate the dosage. More details here


The drug is available in 10 ml ampoules. Each bottle contains 200 mg. A safe dosage is 300 mg per week. Even experienced athletes should not inject more than 500 mg in 7 days. Ignoring this rule is fraught with the manifestation of side effects that often distract bodybuilders from their main goal.

Coaches of bodybuilders and athletes often recommend buying Tritren and schedule a comprehensive or solo course. Often it is divided into 2 doses, which excludes the emergence of a “steroid pit”. A week after the last dose, post-cycle therapy is recommended . If the course of admission is carried out incorrectly, side effects are possible: active growth of hair on the body and hair loss on the head, acne and allergic reactions. Be that as it may, with the right course, Tritren can provide an athlete with many benefits!


It is a steroid of choice for bodybuilders and is often used in other strength sports. The result will be almost lightning fast, so weightlifters are not afraid of the price. By comparison with similar cost may seem high, but not for those who have once tasted a comprehensive “friction”.

With Tritren, you can gain 8 – 10 kg in a month, subject to rational nutrition and systematic training.

The price of tritren remains one of the reasons why many bodybuilders seek to purchase a medication. The drug is quickly included in the work, and since the ethers are activated in turn, the effect can be significantly extended over time.  

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Speaking about the strengths of the drug, it is worth highlighting the following results from taking it:

  • the ability to gain up to 10 kg of weight per course
  • muscle mass is characterized by low water content, so the rollback effect will be insignificant;
  • pronounced fat burning effect;
  • strengthening of the relief of the muscles;
  • the body’s stamina is increased by reducing the production of cortisol. 

During the course, it is possible to stimulate the production of growth hormone, and the athlete feels a serious increase in attraction to the opposite sex. Before buying tritren , you should carefully study the recommendations for its use. The drug has both anabolic and androgenic effects. For this reason, tritren is practically not used by the fair sex. 

Men usually stop at 300-400 mg. It is worth noting that an increase to 600 mg will increase the effectiveness, but it can activate negative factors, so athletes with no experience should not exceed the recommended dosage. Detection of a drug in the blood is possible for the next 6 months from the date of completion of the course, which must be taken into account when preparing for the competition. 

Our online store offers quality products to each client, guaranteeing their prompt delivery to the specified address. To enhance the effectiveness of tritren, it can be combined with stanozol , trenbolone or dough. Reducing the risk of side effects allows you to connect to the course of gonadotropin, which will help restore the production of testosterone in the body. Gonadotropin will be indispensable when the bodybuilder has chosen a high concentration of the drug.