How to find a lawyer for clients: 5 effective methods

The issue of creating or expanding a client base may arise both at the beginning of an individual practice, and during the launch and development of a law firm. This phenomenon is inevitable, because it is associated with the growth of a lawyer. Where to find potential customers and how to make them permanent, whether all methods are equally effective and how to use them without leaving the office – we have gathered valuable advice on this.

Internet marketing

We have repeatedly noted how important a site is – with a concise design, easy navigation and informative content – to promote your business. You can do it yourself or assign it to professionals. However, you should not ignore this tool. Attract social networks, cover your activities on the personal page and page of your company. A very interesting area can be law firm facebook marketing. The main task that confronts you and which can be solved at the initial stage precisely thanks to publications is to demonstrate your level of competence. Give the reader useful information.

What do readers need? Why share the knowledge and experience that you have worked so diligently over the years? – logical questions that you may have. So, a demonstration of how competently you solve one or another problem forms consumer confidence in your competence. By sharing information, you create an image of a person who you can turn to if necessary, who will surely solve the problem.

You can record your materials in various formats:

  • blogging, own portal;
  • keep a legal column in one of the well-known publications;
  • record webinars, videos;
  • communicate on forums, responding to various requests from potential customers.

Word of mouth

After you have the first clients who receive high-quality legal assistance from you, a reception called “word of mouth”, which is always relevant, will begin to work. Satisfied customers will actively recommend you to their friends and acquaintances, and this advertisement is absolutely free, and most importantly – very effective. But having formed your initial client base, thanks to word of mouth, keep in mind that the effectiveness of this technique will gradually decrease. Therefore, do not neglect the use of other methods of promotion and customer acquisition.

Media Collaboration

Regularly keep a column in one of the well-known media – it can be either a purely political or legal website, or a news resource – or publish articles in various publications – you choose. This technique will help you to declare yourself as a specialist in a particular field, as is the case with blogging or filling the site of your law firm. However, in this case, the attention of a wide audience that is already in the publication will be available to you.

Partnership programs

Affiliate programs are the so-called intermediaries between lawyers and clients who unite them, of course, for a small percentage. Typically, the program works on this principle: after registering on the site, entering all the information about specialization, experience, hours of work, cost of services, contact details, etc., the lawyer is given a confirmed client number and he can completely cooperate with him, conduct business from the beginning to the end. At the same time, in order to receive customer data, you also need to pay through the site. At the same time, the client may refuse to cooperate: here the lawyer should use all his diplomatic abilities and the ability to convince in order to attract the client.

Collaboration with other companies

If you work as a lawyer, you can use this method of attracting new clients, such as partnership. You, as a lawyer, can offer commercial cooperation, for example, to accounting firms, audit, expert or consulting companies.