Why Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans buy skins

Every day Counter-Strike fans are buying skins for the weapons, which are sometimes more expensive than the game itself. We tried to figure out why they do it. Valve is trying to combat the gambling market, where bets are taken in the form of skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. In the meantime, this story is not over, so we decided to look at the topic from a different angle, telling – why do Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players need skins, which you can buy at https://csgo.net/faq.

Nice and neat with new features

At one time, Valve was very clever to connect to the creation of skins independent artists – so today the game there are thousands of options for any coloring of weapons and for every taste. And the choice is not limited to the classic military camouflage – as statistics show, many players prefer a completely insane coloring. Each skin is available in several versions – you can get as a “frayed” in combat weapons, and as if just released from the factory. Finally, do not forget about the stickers – over the skin on any gun you can put a funny picture, inscription, or, for example, the emblem of your favorite eSports team. The opinion that the skins in Counter-Strike: GO needed only for self-love, slightly erroneous. The game has a technology StatTrack, which counts the number of kills made by using a particular weapon. You can get a similar counter only by purchasing a StatTrack-enabled skin.

Mecca for collectors

Skins for Counter-Strike: GO come in limited editions – on the one hand, it allows for constant updates to their assortment, and on the other hand, it leads to the appearance of skins interesting to collectors. Rare items in Counter-Strike: GO are being hunted – they are bought for the fabulous money or traded for other values from your collection. New skins drop randomly during the matches – and this element of the lottery also loved by players: there’s always a small, but still a chance that this time you get something cool. Many people are so keen on “spinning the reel” that they even exchange their skins for boxes of new items to try their luck again. No one is stopping you from trying your luck – there are plenty of stores, such as CSGO NET, where the same skins or boxes are sold for money.

Opportunity to make money

The demand for skins is huge – both on the official site and in dozens of third-party stores, you can not only exchange them, but also sell them for real money. This, of course, attracts those who want to make money on their favorite game. The most popular way is gambling – even in spite of an uncertain legal status in many countries, as well as attempts by Valve to limit this business. The scheme is very simple – skins can be used to bet in a variety of online casinos and sweepstakes, where you usually need to predict the result of cyber sports matches. If you win – then you get even more skins, which can be further let into the game, as well as sold, traded or used for yourself.

Despite the fact that you can get skins, just playing Counter-Strike: GO, it does not bring a lot of money – fall items are not very much, and their value is often a penny. But many players are trying to earn on the knowledge of the market – for example, investing money in skins that will rise in price over time. Another popular option – a bargain exchange their skins on more valuable or promising. To make money in this way, you will have to spend a lot of time and money, studying all the features of economics Counter-Strike: GO – but the ability to analyze the market can be useful in many more serious professions.