The role of statistics in effective sports betting

Successful sports betting is closely related to statistics. It is impossible to count on a positive result if statistical data are not used when analyzing a sporting event. On the website of any bookmaker there is a section with detailed statistics where you can get acquainted with the performance of the team or an individual athlete for any period of time.

The main tool of the beta

Both beginners and betting professionals regularly use statistics to place bets on sports. In fact, this is the player’s main tool, with which he is able to independently assess the probabilities of the outcomes and compare them with those offered by the bookmaker office through coefficients.

In most cases, players study the tournament tables of national or international championships, comparing the most significant indicators of a team game. First of all, we are talking about the number of victories, performance, the number of goals conceded. More experienced players usually look deeper, analyzing secondary indicators, on the basis of which more accurate conclusions can be drawn. Undoubtedly, sports betting will not be 100% successful, even if the most professional and comprehensive analysis is carried out, however, in any case, the amount of money won will exceed the amount lost.

Surface analysis

Beginners can be advised, in any case, to carry out at least a superficial analysis. The tournament position of the participants, the results of the last games, the results of face-to-face meetings (if they were) – all this will allow us to more accurately assess the teams’ chances for success in the upcoming match. Sports betting made on the basis of the results of previous games clearly have a better chance of success compared with betting concluded on the basis of personal preferences alone.

As a rule, to assess the real state of affairs in a team, it is enough to analyze the last three or five games. In fact, it does not take much time, especially if the better understands this sport and is up to date with the news. Of great importance is the performance of the team on the road and at home, as well as the style of play used. It is clear that a club that uses defensive tactics is unlikely to get ahead and most likely will play for a draw or the minimum winning result.

In-depth analysis using statistics

After working with a superficial analysis, many players, wanting to make their sports betting more productive, begin to delve into the study of statistics, paying attention to additional factors. Note that this approach requires additional time, but with experience, the better will perform the analysis faster. Many insider news can be found on sports forums.

In addition to the results of athletes or teams, be sure to pay attention to the statistics of the judge or the judicial brigade. As you know, good refereeing does not affect the outcome of the game, while dubious decisions can turn the tide of the match. The judge factor must also be considered when analyzing sports betting. As you can see, without statistics, the better loses a lot. He can only rely on his own knowledge, memory and luck, which is clearly not enough to win.
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