The Advertiser’s Guide To Interstitial Advertisements

Interstitial advertisements are display ads that appear on the screen when viewers reach a natural transition point on a web page. These ads are triggered by specific actions and generally appear in between page loads.

You’ve likely come across them on pages such as Amazon Prime or your favorite web-based games. While they are most known for their ability to capture attention, let’s dive deeper into the benefits of modern interstitial ads.

The Truth About Interstitial Advertisements

There are a few common fallacies floating around that have given interstitial ads a bad reputation. Let’s start with interstitial-related penalties enforced by Google. While Google has restrictions on interstitial ads, the company focuses primarily on the intrusiveness of mobile interstitial advertisements. In 2016, Google began cracking down on mobile interstitials that were deemed “intrusive” due to their large size.

Despite common belief, interstitials  — on both mobile and desktop — are not always full-screen ads. Full-screen advertisements are not received well, so smart advertisers and networks will utilize interstitials that take up only a fraction of the screen. By focusing on desktop interstitial advertisements, you don’t have to worry about Google’s mobile restrictions and penalties.

The Benefits of Interstitial Advertisements

Considering investing in interstitial advertisements? Here are some ways that this popular ad solution can benefit advertisers:

  • Increase Brand Awareness. Utilizing interstitial ads can help to capture the attention of users. To capitalize on this exposure, pay attention to your ad quality and relevance.
  • Provide Compelling Creatives. The flexibility of interstitial ad size offers advertisers a canvas for ad creativity. The uniqueness of these ads can help to promote engagement.
  • Offer Several Ad Options. Interstitial ads can be created as static images, rich media, or video ads. These ads can be made more relevant and efficient for your brand.
  • Elevate Click-Through-Rate. A well-designed interstitial ad will promote action through enticing content with rich media, interactive elements, and CTAs, ultimately increasing CTR.

Best Practices for Interstitial Ad Use

When creating ads, quality and relevance are determinants of the effectiveness of the ad. You can better align your ad strategy with their target audience by working with the right advertising network to design high-quality interstitial ads. In addition, an effective keyword strategy ensures that your ads appear on the best suited domains for your audience.

Our interstitial advertisements at display on desktop at a 800 x 500 ratio. This format allows the ads to grabs the user’s attention naturally without interrupting their browsing experience. Our in-house designers are ready to help create an effective interstitial for you. When done properly, interstitial ads will integrate seamlessly into your strategy.