Need for Speed Heat overview

Palm City, the site of NFS Heat, is reminiscent of all previous games in the series and several other racing arcades. Despite the obvious association with Miami and Los Angeles, Palm City is more like Seattle in terms of weather – it always rains here. It either just passed, or it’s still racing, or it’s about to start. Yes, we are well aware that the rain weather allows us to show the best sides of the Frostbite engine, add drama to the daytime races and neon madness at night. But after four seasons, dynamic change of time of day and dynamic weather in Forza Horizon 4, such self-limitations in Need for Speed Heat look at least strange. If you want to start playing, visit the GGsel website.

Game overview

The visual component includes the customization of cars, and in NFS Heat there is nothing wrong with it. A variety of vinyl, backlighting, the ability to change the exhaust and engine sound, galleries of excellent custom designs, plus a variety of aprons allow you to create a truly unique car that will not be ashamed to show to friends.

The car pumping system, broken in the previous part, has been repaired. No more conditional cards and luth-boxes like in Need for Speed Payback. Just buy an upgrade and install an improved turbocharging system, new crankshaft or clutch. Yes, all parts in the style of some RPG are divided into green, blue, purple and gold, but you know exactly what you’re buying and what will affect this or that upgrade. In addition to replacing individual parts, you can also replace the entire engine, but it is often unprofitable. Parts can be moved from car to car, in addition, the same car can be sharpened for different types of races, so that the NFS Heat really go with the same car, changing the parts on it depending on the races. On the other hand, all this drift and off-road tracks are needed only for making money, the main events of the game still take place in traditional asphalt races.

And now let’s talk about changing the time of day. This is the main mechanics of NFS Heat, because the time of day in the game depends on what kind of races will be available to you. In the afternoon in Palm City and surroundings are legal races of the festival Speedhunters Showdown, where you can earn money to buy new cars and their pumping. Everything is legal here, the tracks are fenced, there is no traffic, the police do not interfere with what is happening. At night, everything is different. There are no rules, you have to maneuver between the traffic cars, the police are very aggressive, but you can earn a reputation and win the coolest parts in special chase events. You can’t ignore the night races. Your reputation depends on your level, and thus, access to new cars and cool upgrades. Plus the last job of the story campaign, yes, NFS Heat has a story, opens only at level 30 player.

If after the daytime races you get an award immediately, then at night your reputation is summed up and in order to get what you’ve earned, you need to leave the police chase, if any, and get to one of the garages. In the event of an arrest or a serious accident that resulted in the destruction of the car, all the experience you gained will burn down. Exactly the same system was, if you remember, in Need for Speed Rivals.

The higher the level of police concern, the higher the ratio by which your earned reputation will be multiplied in case of a successful night’s end. Finishing several races, performing daily tasks, doing show jumps, showing high speed at checkpoints or earning points in drift zones, and then annoying the police, you can earn hundreds of thousands or even millions of reputation points in one night. You can start playing with this site.